How to install google analytics on a blog

How to add google analytics on a blog


This guide will show you how to add google analytics on a blog.

This is a much requested feature and the forums are filled with requests for adding google analytics to their blogs as they’re not enough for those content hungry audience.

But, I have found out a simple workaround that will let you add google analytics to your own very WORDPRESS.COM blog.

to use or to not to use

To use or to not to use



Yeah. You read that one right. Yeah, that hosted version of wordpress that limits you so much. But, hold on. There are reasons why you should consider it for your next website, or blog, or whatever.

You see, everybody (especially in India) loves over And, personally, I find that alright because blogger is also free to use but gives you more power and flexibility over your blog.

But, as they say, with great powers comes great responsibility.

Yes, that is true.

I can say that is better because it keeps on updating itself and keeps itself fresh whereas may not have been updated since 2012 (or somewhat later) when they announced google+ comments.